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Falmouth Hotel Wedding | Falmouth | Stacey & Dave

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25th October, 2012
I have beautiful & fantastic memories in lots and lots of photos thanks to Khalile & his team.  There are many photos which all tell a story but the photo I love with all my heart is the one that was taken of myself and my Dad outside the Falmouth Hotel on the seafront with me kissing my dad on the cheek with him giggling, at the time he was battling cancer and sadly lost his battle 6 months later the photo totally capture how much we enjoyed the day & we all cherish. 

 The photo album is amazing and we have a lovely canvas hanging in our living room.  As weddings are a stressful event, I was not stressed at all with Khalile and knew he was very professional and very good at what he does, if anyone deserves an award they do & I will recommend them to anyone that needs a photographer.

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