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Polhawn Fort Wedding | Pippa & Mark

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22nd December, 2012
Having known Marks family for eight years and also quite a few of his friends, this was always going to be a cracker of a wedding. 

Polhawn Fort was the venue of our first ever professional wedding back in the spring of 2007. It hadn't changed much, and that included the weather, dark, wet and foggy. But then in December you'd expect something like that anyway. But with Polhawn Fort being a notoriously dark venue, we were kept on our toes. Luckily for Pippa and Mark, I do love the challenge of doing lighting set-ups.

Pippa had that age old wedding dilemma of choosing which dress to go for, but instead of beating her head against the wall after whittling it down to two dresses, she just decided to go for both, and to be honest, I couldn't have chosen between the two. Both very different, but both classicly beautiful. They didn't want to go too mad on adding too much to the decoration of Polhawn as they both just fell in love with the magical feel of the place with the fairy lights and drapes, but added a touch of purple with the flowers and bridesmaid dresses.

In the end it was the style of the flower girls dress that helped Pippa choose which dress to wear for the ceremony as it was so similar to one of the dresses.

I missed the name of the registrar, but what a lovely man, and a beautiful service. I hadn't heard their vows before, but they were very personal and help towards adding to the magical feel of the day.

The weather was so yucky outside that Pippa decided that we'd do the group photos side the fort, but after setting the lights up and doing all of the group photos inside we went outside for a few shots of just the happy couple.

And because of the unique nature of the venue we just had to get some inside.

And then after the wedding breakfast and the speeches, it was time for the dress change.

The second dress was a much lighter number with beautiful lace around the bodice and bottom of the dress. We went to the back end of the fort to utilise the second staircase for this second shoot.

Even though it's a venue that we don't really work at I make a point not to look at other photographers work at venues. Instead I much rather prefer to have a venue visit prior to the day and scope out my own shots. How are you going to be unique if you're going to copy others work. I'd much rather be a trail blazer than a sheep!.

One of Marks friends was doing the DJing for him, and I have to say, his set was AWESOME. He never normally does weddings, being a club DJ. I was having one hell of a time trying to keep myself off the dance floor (I failed miserably).

Pippa & Marks wedding was one of those VERY rare ones, where the couple were more than happy to just dance the night away with each other. Tamsyn and I felt, as always, very privileged to be there. It was a wonderful, romantic, and fun packed wedding, with much love and laughter, and Tamsyn and I would like to wish Pippa and Mark the very best of luck for their future happiness together.

K&T x 

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