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Trevenna Wedding - Samantha & Nick

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12th March, 2016

Khalile & Tamsyn were Key in the day running smoothly and supplied us the most amazing and perfect photos to cherish. Khalile gauged the crowd/settings for opps, all guests said how engaging/ friendly they were. Captured all emotions, glances and the photos bring back lots of emotions. Blended, one of our guests, so natural! Photo style varied technically with serious, fun, blurred fore/backgrounds, day/night. Dusk photos are simply fantastic - silhouettes, moon, marquee lights behind. Honestly superior skills and recommend to all!

Luckily for us Samantha & Nick booked us as their Wedding Photographers for their Trevenna Wedding after receiving a recommendation of our services.

After what the weather has been like for the last three (or more) months I was kind of preparing myself for the worst on the moist and miserable front, but I needn't have worried, as spring had arrived for this Bodmin Moor wedding in Mid Cornwall.  Tamsyn and I arrived rather early as Tamsyn was doing the makeup, and as my Merc was in getting some work done I had to travel with Tams to arrive at Trevenna for 8am. So off she went, and I made the most of the morning mist, and low sun, to get some scene setting shots. 

Before heading up to Sam and the girls getting their hair done by the lovely ladies from Red Hairdressing in Liskeard, I bumped into Sharon Mesher who travelled down from Plymouth to prepare the venue with her flowers. 

While the ladies were being pampered, I got a few detail shots of Sam's bits and pieces including the gown she bought from Village Brides in Long Compton.

Anyone who's been to Trevenna will know that one of the many beauties of the place is that despite it being sole occupancy and having the run of the place, theres still plenty of room to move around freely without the groom seeing the bride, but in her vantage spot the bride can discreetly keep an eye on the goings on of the groom, groomsmen and guests without them ever knowing. And being just a couple of doors down I can move freely between both parties. 

So after getting a few detail shots and the antics of them trying to dress themselves we headed out to get a few shots within the grounds, starting with the newly built Pergola that Trevenna have recently invested in.

Anyone who's been there will know, that despite having a very slick operation they never sit on their laurels, and thats one of the things I love about Trevenna, EVERY time I visit the place they have always invested in something new to help enhance their guests experience. 

Before I knew it, it was time to head back to Sam and the girls getting into their dresses. 

At a wedding I always try and be ready for anything, and just as I was going to get some shots of Sam's nearest and dearest a bit cloud came over, so I resorted to getting my flash out for a few lighthearted group shots with her parents and bridesmaids. 

And then it was finally time for the main event, where Nick and the guests were patiently waiting for the arrival of the bridal party.

You know what they say about a picture tells a thousand words, well I absolutely LOVE this next top right photo. A calm, confident and content man!

It certainly was an emotional, joyous ceremony. The next top left photo just says 'I LOVE YOU!' and the bottom one is a proud and reassured dad confident in the man his little girls has chosen.

And more emotions.

I think after the ceremony everyone was more than happy to get outside to celebrate with a glass or two of Pimms and encapsulate the moment with a few playful photos

While the Pimms was slipping down, I popped inside the reception room to capture the details before the jackets and pint glasses spoilt the effect of the rooms set up.

Being as it was March and the light would be pretty much be gone by the time the wedding breakfast was finished, we made the most of the time taken up by guests sitting down to eat with creating a few couple shots. 

After sampling the mouth watering food supplied by Trevenna it was time for the speeches. I love that part of the day, hearing about how Sam grew up as a little girl, how they met as a couple, and how the groom usually gets crucified by the best man ;0)

Then between the main and desert courses we popped out to catch what was left of the early March light in the sky

As well as the new pergola, and how could we ignore those beautiful twinkling lights of the permanent marquee pulling us in like moths. 

After cutting their cake made of Cornish cheese, it was time for another focal point of the day, the first dance. 

And the evening shenanigans

To include all kinds of raucous behaviour from all generations

Dearest Sam & Nick, thank you so much for inviting us to be part of your very special day, we really do feel privileged to be involved, and may we wish you a long and happy life together. Should any of your crazy friends be looking for a photographer in any corner of the country (or planet for that matter) we'd love to be involved ;0)

Lots of love 

K&T xxx

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