Carbis Bay Hotel Weddings by KS Photography

Carbis Bay Wedding Photographer - Jules and Simon

25th July, 2019

When Jules and Simon started their search for a Carbis Bay wedding photographer they asked the hotel for a few recommendations, after contacting a few they saw the benefits of paying a little more to have the photographer that they really wanted rather than going for the cheapest, the fact that we've won The South West ...

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Carbis Bay Wedding - Sharon & Gary

21st November, 2017

Sharon & Gary booked us for their Carbis Bay Wedding on rather short notice, at two months, after receiving a recommendation. When I first received the call from Sharon I wasn't sure if she was a prank caller, she asked if I was available and then just said that she wanted to book us for their wedding. No questions ...

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Carbis Bay Wedding - Laura & Anth

3rd October, 2017

Laura and Anth got in contact with me about their intimate Carbis Bay Hotel wedding after receiving a recommendation. The wedding only had fifteen people attending in total, so having someone who could fit in was even more vital than a larger wedding, and I was only too pleased to be invited to be involved. My day ...

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Carbis Bay Wedding - Sophie & Darren

25th September, 2017

I always love shooting weddings at Carbis Bay Hotel, but when Sophie and Darren came to us about photographing their Carbis Bay Hotel wedding I got even more excited as this one was at The Beach Club, which until Saturday Id not photographed at. I was doubly chuffed when Sophie and Darren told me that theyd had ...

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Carbis Bay Hotel Wedding - Philippa & Kev

24th October, 2016

Philippa & Kev came to see us about their Carbis Bay Hotel wedding after receiving a recommendation for our photographic and Tamsyn's makeup and beauty services, and we're so glad that they did as spirits were high and everyone had a ball!I dropped Tams off with Philippa and her sister to get on ...

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Carbis Bay Wedding - Kathryn & Glenn

19th August, 2016

Kathryn and Glenn booked us for their Carbis Bay Hotel wedding after receiving a recommendation, and straight away after our first meeting we just clicked! We were lucky enough to have got to meet Kathryn & Glenn three times prior to their wedding as Tamsyn my beautiful wife and photographic par ...

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Carbis Bay Wedding - Victoria & Ben

7th July, 2016

Tory and Ben's Carbis Bay Hotel wedding really was a day for a couple matched in heaven, and absolutely everyone present could see it! They were positively beaming whenever they were in each others vicinity. Tory and Ben came to us after receiving a recommendation about a year ago, or should I say Ben re ...

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Carbis Bay Wedding - Katy & Simon

27th June, 2016

Katy & Simon booked us for their Carbis Bay Wedding after receiving a recommendation of our services, and boy are we glad they did, as it was a fun filled day full of beautiful people having a great time in wonderful surroundings, the perfect recipe for a wonderful wedding!!!Katy booked Tamsyn t ...

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Carbis Bay Wedding - Emma & David

11th September, 2015

Despite living in Hertfordshire Emma & David decided to have a Carbis Bay Hotel wedding as Emma's heritage lies here within the county of Cornwall. Emma and David decided to book us for their wedding after receiving a recommendation, so obviously, we were only too glad to help them out :0)Emma wanted to d ...

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Carbis By Wedding - Jane & Graham

28th August, 2015

August 27th 2015 was our own 16th wedding anniversary, and how did we celebrate it? By shooting Jane & Grahams Carbis Bay Hotel wedding of course! The weather couldn't have been any more different to the last wedding we did at Carbis Bay, the sun was out with a very light breeze and the beach was PACKED! ...

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Carbis Bay Wedding - Nella & Ray

26th August, 2015

After shooting weddings at Carbis Bay Hotel for seven years now, we had our first ever wet one, but did it dampen Nella and Ray's spirits? Not a chance!!!With Arnella and her family coming from Jamaica they were obviously hoping for a sunny beach wedding, but if they were disappointed they certainly hid it we ...

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Carbis Bay Hotel Wedding - Maxine & James

13th July, 2015

Now I'm a simple man who likes to keep things straight forward and real, and so when Maxine and James came to me about their Carbis Bay Hotel wedding after receiving a recommendation, and explained that they were both actors, with James' dad being Keith Barron and that there would be other actors like Antony ...

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Carbis Bay Hotel Wedding | Debbie & Rob

10th June, 2013

Debbie & Robs "Carbis Bay Hotel" Wedding was full on fun from start to finish. And Debbie was quite possibly the smiliest bride ever! Our day started with meeting the boys first off for a little photo shoot. I wasn't really quite sure what to expect, as on our venue visit Rob said that he really didn't like having ...

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Carbis Bay Wedding | Jess & Craig

24th May, 2013

I knew Jess and Craig's Carbis Bay Hotel wedding was going to be an awesome day going by the initial contact. It all started with their trip down to Carbis Bay last year when they were viewing the hotel with a view to booking it for their wedding. They had a chance meeting with Carla and Bill who had got married at Car ...

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Carbis Bay Wedding | Laura & Dave

17th March, 2013

I do love keeping it in the family, last year we photographed Dave's sister Rachel and her husband Matt's wedding, so we were delighted when Laura and Dave decided to book us for their wedding at Carbis Bay Hotel. For one, they are a lovely couple, two we loved meeting and sharing a very special day with Daves family l ...

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Annette & Declan Wedding

9th May, 2012

We had a Marvelous March Wedding with Annette and Declan. You can read and see more here.   ...

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