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The Vineyard Wedding - Laura & Tom

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16th November, 2015

Khalile and Tam were amazing photographers. They captured our day perfectly and have given us the most incredible photos that we can keep forever.

As much as I'd love to say our marketing campaign reached five star hotels in Berkshire recommending us, Laura and Tom chose us to photograph their Cornish wedding, but after experiencing issues back home they emailed us to cancel our services after explaining their problems. To which I replied we'd still love to cover their wedding, and if they covered our travel expenses we'd be delighted to travel up to The Vineyard in Newbury for their gastro wedding!

The date of the wedding was brought forward, and so not having time to visit the venue earlier, after photographing a baby underwater shoot all day on Saturday, I headed home, backed up, recharged, and headed north with Tams up to The Vineyard to do a recognisance before Sundays wedding. 

Our day started at Laura's mum's where Tamsyn was doing Laura's Makeup, and I cracked on with getting some detail shots. 

After I told Laura how beautiful her dress was she let me into a little secret. She told me that she loved her dress but didn't want an off the shoulder number, so she had a seamstress to put the sleeves and shoulders on. I was quite surprised when she told me this as it looked so right!

I had to laugh, Laura had only just said about how she doesn't cry much, when I started talking about their life journey and day, when.....

So I put a call in to Tamsyn, who had gone on ahead to The Vineyard to be ready for an Emergency makeup freshen up when we arrived (The girls LOVED the fact we had this facility within our services!)

Unfortunately its a fact of life that not all marriages last, including Laura's parents. But I have to say, I don't think I can remember such a happy and amicable relationship between Laura's parents and step mum, it's a great lesson to us all about getting on with life and making the most of things. 

D'you know I love the moment when daddy walks his little girl down the isle. When he gets to the front he ALWAYs has one of two looks on his face. 1) Proud dad, or 2) Glares at the groom as to say 'YOU'D BETTER TAKE CARE OF MY LITTLE GIRL!' Which camp was Laura's Dad Tom in? 

Who said group photos have to be functional and a chore?

After the group photos it was time for the second big part of the day (after the ceremony of course) the SEVEN course wedding breakfast! Bless them, Laura and Tom offered to feed us prior to the day, but I told them that I'm sure that a five star wedding would have been costing them enough already, but after tasting one of the mind blowing canapés (eighth course?) I said to Tams on the way home, after meeting such a lovely bunch and tasting the food, I wish we'd paid to eat with Laura, Tom and their guest!

Laura and Tom, I know it wasn't what you originally envisioned for your wedding day, but I have to say, if this is what second thoughts come up with, then maybe we should all think twice about our actions!!! 

Thank you so much for letting us be part of your wonderful wedding, Tams and I wish you a long, happy and healthy life together!

Lot of Love

K&T xxx

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