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Contemporary Womens Portraiture - Jayne & Clare Penlerick

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29th June, 2018

Youíve summed up just everything in those superb photos and I canít begin to say how very special that is. Precious memories to cherish forever!

I just loved how into this Jayne and her mother Claire were into having their photos taken. Claire was telling me just how into photos her mother was back in the 1920s and how they resonate so strongly within their family. 

I've known Jayne for a while to say hello to, but it was last year at an intimate wedding in St.Ives that our paths crossed properly. The bride had nearly lost her life and was saved by a blood bike back near her home town. Laura contacted the Cornish Blood bikes and explained what happed and how she'd love a presence at her wedding in St.Ives. Instead of 'a' bike Jayne the media officer for Cornwall Blood Bikes arranged for as many as possible to be their at the wedding and over 20 bikes (All volunteers for this amazing charity) came along. And this is where I first had contact with Cornwall Blood Bikes. Its just amazing work that they do, none of them get paid, and the whole charity is self supporting. So when Jayne mentioned to me about their black tie charity auction dinner where they were being presented with a brand new fully kitted out BMW blood bike I was only too happy to help, so I offered a load of prizes and vouchers, and this is how the ladies came to have their mother and daughter portraits done. Jayne could have chosen any friend to come in and have the shoot with her, but she decided to choose her mother Claire who she refers to endearingly as her best friend. The ladies came in to have their makeup and hair professionally done, before having a range of images taken in different outfits. Needless to say tears were present when they came for their photo preview session.

Mission status: Success!   

I know I normally leave the review at the top but could not not show you this:

Well what can I say....

Mum and I have had the most incredible experience from the photo shoot which we enjoyed immensely from the start to the visit to you today.

Mum & I are blessed to share the greatest of relationships and friendship.

Life has been tough for me and with the diagnosis of my Crohnís disease 5 years ago became even tougher.

Mum stood beside me and was my rock throughout.

We laugh together and cry.

She supports me in every way in my business and with my ooodles of work with blood bikes.

Also those photos signify something very personal. 

The years leading up to my diagnosis were very dark and challenging.

The last 3-4 years with the development of my business and my involvement with blood bikes Iím in a very very different place.

Iíve had the opportunity to meet the most fabulous people, make new friends, realise what Iím able to achieve and I wouldnít change a single moment of any of it.

But those photos for me show a very happy 36 year old whose had a fabulous gorgeous mum by her side all the way through it all and we couldnít do it without each other.

Youíve summed up just everything in those superb photos and I canít begin to say how very special that is.

Precious memories to cherish forever.

Also Iíve got through my business to meet gorgeous people like you & Tamsyn and thatís just awesome!

Thank you so much 😘😘

Love Jayne xx


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