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Dolphins Fly PR Shoot

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15th November, 2011
Dolphins Fly are a Cornwall based original music band and have been going for a few years now.  They are headed up by brothers Dave and Martin Marney.

I met Martin of Dolphins Fly just over a year ago while waiting to collect our children from school as one of his sons are in the same class as our middle child. I was intrigued when Martin told me he was in a band and his ears pricked up  when I told him I was a photographer.

Martyn mentioned that the band were being featured on BBC Radio Cornwall, so always being one for a bit of fun I arranged a shoot with them.  We went down to Perranporth with the boys and had a bit of a play around on the beach.

For a band that can belt out a rock tune as well as a good croon, I was surprised how camera shy they were to start with. But after wealding my old charm they soon relaxed. 

The first time I heard the bands album I listened to it three times on the trot! You can find out more about Dolphins Fly by Clicking here. I hope you enjoy their music as much as I do, ENJOY!

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