St Ives Harbour Hotel Weddings by KS Photography

St Ives Harbour Hotel wedding - Pamela & Tanya

5th October, 2015

I was SO excited to be shooting Pamela & Tanya's St.Ives Harbour Hotel wedding, and even more so when I found out that they were both wearing a wedding dress, as this was my third ladies civil partnership but the first with both ladies in dresses. For Pamela and Tanya's wedding I shot it on ...

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St Ives Harbour Hotel Wedding - Chloe & Joel

25th June, 2015

Chloe and Joel's St Ives Harbour Hotel wedding was different to most of our weddings for a couple of reasons. Firstly, apart from a Skype meeting, I didn't get to meet them prior to the big day, and secondly, most regular readers of our blog will know that 95% (at least) of the time our couples either book us ...

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St Ives Harbour Hotel Wedding | Laura & Stuart

16th February, 2015

Laura and Stuart booked us for their St Ives Harbour Hotel wedding after receiving a recommendation from a previous mother of the bride who's daughters wedding was also at the same hotel (Thank you Amanda's Mum!!!). Tamsyn and I started our day in the far west of the county, in Pendean, where both Laura ...

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St Ives Harbour Hotel Wedding | Sam & Robbie

10th July, 2014

I'll always remember this wedding at "St Ives Harbour Hotel" for three reasons, firstly because it was Robbie Williams and Sam Beard. No not the singing Robbie Williams although I'm sure he's really good in the shower. Secondly because the numbers trebled within the last couple of weeks, from two to six and thirdly, we ...

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St Ives Harbour Hotel Wedding | Rose & Nick

10th May, 2014

Rose & Nick decided to track us down for their "St Ives Harbour Hotel" wedding after receiving multiple recommendations. Rose being a local girl dearly wanted a Cornish beach side wedding and Nick was only too happy to go along with the plan. On arrival to the hotel I bumped into our friend Anna from "Wedding Flowe ...

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St Ives Harbour Hotel Wedding | Claire & Marcus

10th September, 2013

We got to cover Claire and Marcus' "St Ives Harbour Hotel" wedding after a mutual friend and photographer Mark Lawrence put us in touch after Mark was already booked. Instantly after meeting Marcus, Claire and her parents I knew it was going to be a fun day, especially after talking through some ideas with them and for ...

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